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    Meet Eddie

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How do you Empower Someone?

  • Empower someone by starting with yourself and sharing with others.

    - Arceli Caldejon

  • Empowering someone is giving him wings to fly…

    - Maria Magdalena T Arceo

  • I can empower by simply listening to someone who needs it…

    - Abby Canlas Rueda

  • Be a contributor to the world around you, no matter how small or big the deed maybe as long as it’s from the heart, it can and it will empower and emanate the goodness that you have bestowed. What you sow will always be what you reap.

    - Pauline Baldado-Yap

  • Personally, to empower someone is to believe in his/her capability as a person when society or circumstances strip him/her of it….and when that self esteem back in him… then we equip them so they can move on and have their own chance to own the world again…

    - Jomel Cruz

  • Empowering could be appreciating and indulging ourselves and others to acknowledge our strengths and look beyond our weaknesses.

    - Janet De Guzman

  • We empower others by giving them hope!

    - Vivien Tucker

  • I feel empowered when people around me trust that I am someone they can depend and rely on. That they believe that I have the capability to make a difference, that with courage, perseverance and hard work that tasks or dreams that seem impossible are attainable. I suppose if pay this forward to other people, they will feel empowered as well.

    - Cynthia Marquez Quiroz

  • Empowering someone means acknowledging one’s potentials and capabilities. It also means giving the person your full trust in order to declare him or her confident and composed in everything that he or she does. In capsule, it means providing one a set of wings and teaching him/her to use these wings to soar all possibilities!

    - Lodie P. Celis

  • By teaching them some skills.

    - Elizabeth Urmenita

  • Empower means giving joy to other people and making them happy even in simple things or ways,and most especially going down with their level….

    - Susan Nuqui

  • Sometimes just “standing” in spite of all opposition can encourage and empower someone.

    - Ana L Harris

  • As a photographer, each time I take pictures on my camera for Empower Philippines and from what my eyes can see through my lens, I am able to express to others how marvelous it is to help out without expecting anything in return, especially when helping the poorest of the poor. Interestingly, I feel such intense empowerment in me whenever I empower others.

    - Roy M. Yusi (Official photographer of Empower Philippines)

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