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California Empowers Pampanga

On April 2014, Empower Philippines® California gathered together to help the survivors of Leyte by sorting and packing donated items such as hospital and medical supplies.

We acknowledge the following compassionate California Empowerers:

  • the supportive Ofelia Margolis,
  • the powerhouse couple Jon Castro and Liezle-Simbulan Castro for their unending support, and the help of their children, Teyrence, Nathan, and Tristan and for making the whole event possible by selflessly offering their home to be the temporary stock room for the donated supplies.

We would like to extend a heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support of the following: Chino Valley Medical Center staff at Chino Hills, California for the hospital supplies,school supplies, and cash donations:

  • sisters Stacey and Nicole Person
  • Dayeli Correa
  • Simone Cooksey
  • Rachel Vargas
  • Sandra Coleman
  • Anthea Fox
  • Linh Le
  • Ernie Kabigting
  • Tyrone Clavano

And most especially to Dr. James Lally, Chief Executive Officer of Chino Valley Medical Center for his benevolent financial matching contribution. Dr. Lally, we appreciate your efforts. Please stay tuned for more photos on our follow-up mission trip as we relay your donation to the Leyte survivors.

Chino Valley Medical Center, we salute you!