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What We Do

  • We raise funds

    “We raise funds. From holding big fundraisers such as auctions and showcases of world-class talents in dancing to standing in front of supermarkets, setting up coin jars everywhere asking for donations. We also ask for the following: * books, new and slightly used, * toys and educational materials to…

  • We teach

    We provide teaching activities to promote education to the least privileged.

  • We listen

    Listening is an important part of communication commonly denied in the poor. We offer our time to listen and offer professional counseling where needed.

  • We pray

    Praying is one of our favorite activities. It brings us closer to each other and most of all, to God. We hold Eucharistic celebrations and gather with the community and share the joys of fellowship.

  • We play

    Play is the universal language of children. But we believe it is also what binds adults and children together. We offer play therapy to revitalize the inner child in each of us.

  • We empower

    We recognize the value of everyone, especially the poor, the marginalized and the outcast. We give more attention to them because we believe they are also the children of God.