How Islam Led Me Back to Christ: Coffee Con. #26 w/ Charbel Raish

Charbel Raish was born into a Catholic home. But, in the last
6 years of school, he was influenced and challenged in his
faith by Islamic friends. In his final year, he struggled to make a choice. He
visited a mosque to give his life to Allah and Muhamed. But God wasn’t done with
him yet. Charbel visited a church, begging God for a sign. His life was transformed

This conversion story shares what happened that day in the Mosque and the Church!
Learn about his family upbringing, and how his school years influenced him. When
he finally turned to God, and took his faith in his own hands, he experienced an
encounter with Christ. An encounter that radically transformed a young man to be
filled with zeal and passion for the truth.
This led him into the seminary, study, marriage, being a father to seven children, and
founding Parousia, a lay apostolate.

Charbel has two Degrees – Master of Arts and Theological Studies
from the University of Notre Dame in Sydney, and his undergraduate Degree in Personal
Development and Physical Education from the Australian College of Physical Education
in Homebush Bay. He has over 10 years of experience as both a Phys Ed teacher and
Religion teacher for Primary and Secondary Schools.

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