Inauguration of Empower Philippines

On July 12, 2013, at Heroes’ Hall located at the heart of the City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines, Empower Philippines® was officially inaugurated by Bishop Pablo David. Empower Philippines® has been serving the poor and the lowly since 2011. The event was special and momentous because it welcomed God’s most favorite people- the beggars, the crippled and the neglected individuals in the society with different disabilities. They were the principal guests of honor. Empower Philippines® caters to the poorest of the poor and those individuals who appear different and ignored because of their physical and intellectual differences.

The highlights of the event was the celebration of the Holy Eucharist followed by the official Inauguration. The main guests of honor brought the gifts during offertory. Eddie Gonzalez, the paralytic, carried the wine and Faith Liangco, a young girl born deaf-mute, carried the host as Bishop David received them.

The 300-strong audience comprised of friends, families, professors, priests, nuns, men and women from different professions witnessed the whole event. Most of them revealed that it was their first time to witness a celebration that publicly recognized the importance of the poor and their humanity.

Jude Verzosa and Therese Zapanta-Verzosa are the Founders of Empower Philippines®. Their children are Skyler and Zach and live in Washington State. They travel to the Philippines for their mission trips each year.

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