Join Scott Hahn, John Bergsma, and Mike Aquilina for the ‘Hail, Holy Queen’ Virtual Event!

August 6, 2020

(66% off Code Below!)

Empower Philippines is privileged to announce a co-sponsorship with St. Paul’s Center for Biblical Theology.


The St. Paul Center is hosting an online event called ‘Hail Holy Queen’ on August 22. As as result of our co-sponsorship, Empower Philippiness is offering a code for this event exclusively for the Philippines–normally, registering for this event is $15 (₱736),  it becomes only $5 (₱245)! This a 66% off code which allows you to have access to live streaming and on-demand access to all three talks and Q&A through September 5.

Either go on their page and add it to your cart and apply the coupon code”queenship22″, or click this link to apply your code on checkout. Once registered, you can submit a question for the chance to have it answered live during the Hail, Holy Queen Virtual Event here!


Streaming will begin Saturday, August 22 at approximately 7:45 PM Singapore & Philippines Time / 7:45 AM Eastern Time.

Videos will remain available for viewing through September 5 for your convenience.


More information, taken from the St. Paul Center page:

“At Novena Church in Singapore, the weekly Novena devotions to Our Lady is a big part of our prayer journey. On Saturday, August 22, we invite you to take a step forward in that journey by joining `Hail, Holy Queen,’ a virtual event with Scott Hahn, John Bergsma, and Mike Aquilina.  Co-sponsored by our partner Empower Philippines and hosted by the St Paul Center.

As part of your preparation towards the Annual Procession this year, come to appreciate more deeply the Crowning of the Icon as we learn about the Queenship of Mary at a very special online event.

Unveil the Marian mystery of the Book of Revelation, discover how Mary is foreshadowed in the Old Testament, and learn the scriptural and historical foundations for her Immaculate Conception, Perpetual Virginity, Assumption, and Coronation.

Registration includes live streaming and on-demand access to all three talks and Q&A through September 5.”


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